Robert Placky is an acrylic painter that uses mixed media on canvas and in print to capture the essence of place. Robert uses the process of collage, the combination of real and painted objects to explore the intangible qualities of being in the outdoors. He uses natural objects such as sand from “Uluru” in Australia or Forester grass from the Appalachian Trail to bring the natural setting to the canvas. The original painting, "Australis Maar" was created in Australia. It grew out of two performance works of art and developed around the aboriginal word, "kuruwarri" (interpreting meaning from the land). The composition is based on the Mount Schank Volcano and surrounding maar. Robert is a former secondary art teacher in the State College Area School District. He has taught for 40 years, focusing on advanced classes and portfolio development. Many of his students obtain degrees in the arts at major universities and art schools. He is available for private lessons or presentations.
phone: 814-574.3440